The Information Age

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Looking in 
The mirror
At a face 

I hardly even
Who am I 
Supposed to be
Today I wonder
Try to think

For myself
But a screen 
Comes along

And thinks for me
Welcome to the age
Of technology 
Welcome to the end
Of me


The information age

Teaches us everything
But how to think
For ourselves
Wear this
Do that
Think this
Be that
Is this really
All we have come to
Are we really
Not better than this yet

Verse 2
So many friends online
Never really knowing
Who any of them are
And not giving a damn
Letting computer screens
Own and control us

Caring more about

How many likes
We get
For stupid shit
Than we do for anything
In the real word
It's time for a wake up call my friends
Nothing is always
As it ever seems
Take a break from that screen
And experience reality
Before you forget
What reality is 



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