A Divided Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Forever divided
In a society
Of hate
And conformity
While those in charge
Lead the hate brigade
Right under our noses 

While swearing
They don't condone it
The ultimate cover
And we fall for it
Every fucking time
Over and over

Society divides
When it just doesn't

Fear and the pursuit
Of power
Rules the day

From your ignorant slumber
You must wake 
Before comes the day
When it is too damn late

Verse 2
We live in hate
And fear
While those in power
Rule with it
Control and

With it
While we all 
Fall for the same old

Bullshit rhetoric
Wake up folks
And yes I mean today
For we are all being played


Verse 3
Played we are
By players
Who think we are 
Too dumb
Insignifcant and small
To make any
Difference at all 
Stand up
Stand tall

Be heard
Overcome them all 


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