Which Lie Are You?

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Who am I
Who are you 
Who are we
When we tell
The truth
About who 
We truly are
Take a minute
Go ahead
Got it now
Or are you 
As always
Just full of
Lies again

The lies we tell
Shape reality
We know it's true
Yes we know it
Yet still we lie
Can you live with it
Well can you
Do you even
Realize you are

Verse 2
Who do you
Pretend to be
As you head off
To that job
That is so important
You would give
Your own soul
To keep it
Are you the lackey
Or are you the boss
At this point darling
Would you even
Know the difference


Verse 3
Who are you
Who do think you are
Who do you wish you were
Is the real you
The person you see
In the mirror
Or are you 
Still who you are told to be
Are you free
Or just a pawn
Hell at this point 
Would you even know
The difference hon


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