Puzzle Pieces

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I am me
And I myself 
Am just a mere puzzle peice
In this puzzle
We call life 
Everyone we meet
Another puzzle peice
Every step
Of life's journey
Another piece
Embrace it
Learn for it
Live it
Love it

We are all 
Part of a bigger picture
Take a moment
And soak life in
Smell the roses
Live shit up
Live it all
To the fullest
You will be
Sorry if you don't

Verse 2
Come out swinging

Knowing exactly
What you want

And how you want

To get it
Let no one
Stand in your way
This life is yours
And yours alone
That they can't
Take away

This is your puzzle
So enjoy the moment

Soak it all in
Kick butt and blow them all away


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