Shape Up Man kind (Or Be Lost In Time)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The world is in chaos
So much good
Amidst the bad
Is getting lost 
Drowned out
By sadness
And hate
To make a difference
We think we have

All the time

In the world

But could it be

That we are already
Too late

What we have done
It's just not working
Never has
Never will
We need a 
Different approach
Before we truly do 
Die of our own stupidity
Wake up

Shape up
Do better
Be better

Verse 2
We claim we want
What is best
For our fellow man
But only fight
With our own
Interests in mind
So selfish
Is mankind
It's a miracle we get
Anything done
We need to think
About and fight
For each other
If our future
We truly wish
To save 


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