Sheep No More

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A world full of
Blind sheep
That is what
Those in charge
Want us to be
Blind and stupid
With no original thought
Automatic bullshit spewers
That we are
Programmed to be
Wake up people

This bullshit
Is nothing more
Than sickening

Programmed monkeys
And puppets
On a string
Meant to show us

Exactly what
They don't want
Fight back
Yes my friends

Demand to be heard
Demand to be shown

The truth
They are afraid to show
Be you
Be heard
Be exactly what
They are afraid
Of being seen
Be one in a million

Verse 2
Be the one

Who isn't blind

Be the one that sees
What is going on
And what is coming
Even when those
In charge don't
Be the one

Not in denial
Be the one

Who accepts those

They alwayd should have

All along
Be the one

Who is right


Stand up
Be heard
Be seen
Matter to
A blind society
That would rather
Sweep shit

Under the rug
Be heard
Be you
Always be you


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