Wake Up

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Looking out the window

At a world of chaos
Shaking my head
At how far we have fallen
Everyday another tragedy
All of society

Just drowning

In more and more

While the level of conflict

Reaches a fever pitch
And still all we do is bitch

Wake up!
So many protests 
And so much bitching
Yet so little action
And problem solving

It makes my head spin
Wake up society
Get it together
Our only hope 
Is to be united

Not divided from 
Each other
Just wake up!

Verse 2 
We march
We fight 
We point our fingers
We tell each other
What to think
And who to be

Like we have

The fucking right
So much fucking noise
Almost always 
One sided
Wake up people
Yes wake up 
And think
Before free thought
And freedom of expression
Are officially extinct




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