Harsh Reality

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
It's a harsh reality

This world we live in
Feeling like
It's all one big nightmare

A fucking dream
We can't seem to wake from
The worlds all wrong

Humanity is gone

Society's fucked up
Stuck in a rut

We have all but given up

Reality is a nightmare
One that never ends
Society has gone off the deep end
As you pray to God
To send us peace

But no one ever answers
We are all alone
Letf to wallow
In this hell we have
Built for each other 
We should have known better

Verse 2
Looking around
At the nightmare

In which we live
Trying to find
A friendly face
Or a hand to hold
But no one is there

Nobody cares
It's all too much to bear
The whole thing is unfair
But hey who cares


Verse 3
Too numb to care
Or even to cry
You sit and stare
As the world
Passes you by
Wondering why
Should you
Even bother
When all we seem to do
Is live just to die 

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