Perfect Lie Perfect Disaster

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Look at you
Acting like your
So perfect
Treating others
Like we are all below you

People worshipping you
Left and right
If only the knew

The you I know
The real you
Where would you be then

You're living a lie
Little miss perfect
Who is everything but
Using and abusing
Without them even knowing
Never what you seem
Your mask is slipping

Careful now
Your evil is showing

Verse 2
Always in charge
You talk they all listen
Nothing really to say

They eat it up
Blinded they are
By the lie

They think is you
If they only knew
If they only knew


Verse 3
Now the time comes

The moment of truth
You thought 
You played it safe
Covered your tracks
Funny how life always seems
To find a way
Around you now
Your life does crash
You've lost everything

And have only yourself to blame



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