The Witch Hunt That Never Should Have Been

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Damien Echols

A rebel
In a small town
An outcast
Labeled trouble
For being from
A poor troubled family

And for being different
He was just a kid
An 18 year old kid
Not unlike most of us

A massive witch hunt
And a coerced confession
Three innocent men in prison
One on death row
His life sold 
To the highest bidder
Just to further careers
How could we let this happen

Verse 2
Damiens life was hard 
But little did he know
Everything would soon change

For the worse

A murder had taken place
In his quiet little town
And he, his best friend Jason
And fellow outcast Jessie
Innocent as can be
For this tragedy
Were about to go down


Verse 3

Now in court sits Damien
Jason and Jessie
Scared kids
Being railroaded
And there was nothing

They could do
Lie after lie
And the nail 

In the coffin
A coerced confession
From Jessie
That never should 

Have been allowed
They were screwed
And they knew it too


Verse 4
Two life sentances 
And a trip to death row
Damien's life 
More or less sold
To the highest bidder
All to further careers
Over 18 years
Of torture and solitary
With no hope
And no way out
All for something
He didn't even do


Verse 5 
But alas my friends

The end of the story
The happy ending

Seen after all
Well atleast 
To a point

It took a bullshit
Alford plea
To make it happen
Yes my friends 
They are free
But in the eyes of the state
Are still guitly
But at least they are 
Safe and free
And that is good enough for me

Today freedom
Tomorrow exoneration
And justice for not three 
But six innocent victims
Who deserve peace of mind and closure





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