The Land Of The Free

Song Lyrics

Freedom of expression
Freedom of oppression
Freedom of suppression
Freedom of depression
Freedom of the press
freedom of stresss

And whatever is left 

Verse 1
The land of the free
That is what we
Claim to be

Yet we live in division
Instead of unity

Divided over
Whose right matter
And whose though
All because of color
And religious bullshit
I'm sick of it


The land of the free
The land of greed
With so much hate
Ruling day to day
Tell me what good

Is a country
Based on the freedom
To take each others freedom

Verse 2
How can we be free
If you restrict

Others and me
All for color
Religion and
Sexual preference
It's all insanity

Can't you see
What you are doing
Turning yourselves
Into your own
Worst enemy


Verse 3
Forget your money
It's just paper

It means nothing
And all it does
Is create more and more greed
Greed turns to hate
Hate turns to violence
Violence turns to war and death
We must stop living this way
It's just not worth it


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