Star Light Star Bright (Why Do We Fight)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Light bright
Star light
Wishing a wish
From my heart tonight
I watch us protest
Clash in violence
And fight
Please if someone

Up there is listening

Let mankind
Someday find it's way
Please let us be alright

Under the silent stars
We fight our wars
Not even knowing what for
From love we've strayed
Oh so far
We have no idea who
We are anymore
What a sorry sight
We have become
Yes how pathetic are we
As we waste away
In hate 

Yet again this 

Beautiful starry night

Verse 2
Under the starlight

Our wars wage on
Well into the night
As I mourn for those
Who will never again
See the morning sunlight
Tell me folks
Why do we fight

So damn much
Do we even know
Or are we just
Too numb to care anymore
As we once again carry out
Orders of war and violence


Verse 3
The stars watch us
And see all of the insanity

In which we insist
On living
Never understanding
How we could live

So blindly
To loves light
Shinning so brightly
Isn't it sad
My dear society

How we are so blind 
To the truth
The stars watching above
See so clearly



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