Society Is Blind

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I want peace
But it just
Can't be
No, not in
Our society
I want to be free
But how can
Any of us be
When all you do
Is restrict
Others and me
Tell me
What ever happened
To liberty and freedom of speach

Society is blind
No longer able
To see wrong
From right
While wondering
In the wake

Of yet another tragedy
Why do we just live to die
And will we ever
Be alright

Verse 2
The government
Tries to tell us
How to feel
As our lives
They do steal

Never caring
What is real

Or about who they kill
Time stands still

As we numbly 

Once more watch evil
Have it's fill


Verse 3
The message in the wind
One of eternal war and sin
Off in the distance
A bird in the darkness sings
With the mournful wind
A sad song for those

Come and gone
In this war
Over seas
And among ourselves
No matter what happens
Nobody will ever truly win


Verse 4
Innocent lives taken
As families are broken
Precious memories
Just lost
In the madness
With words unspoken
Silence not all that golden
Society suffers in silence
At the hands of each other
While we look to skies
Asking why nothing ever
Seems to get any better




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