Hitler Or The Liar

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Donald Trump
To make America
Great again
Yet he can't even
Take the time
Away from his hatefilled rhetoric
To answer even one single question 
Avoidance and disctraction
Rules of his game
That we fall for
Hook line and sinker
Heil Trump
The U.S. Hitler
He's dangerous
As hell
But at least he'll
Make us better right

A country divided 
By way of corruption
And lies
Two candidates standing
I can't vote for either

The liar or Hitler

Either way we're screwed
Tell me my dear country
Is this what
You really want
A county divided 

By two evils
Well is it

Verse 2

Hilary Clinton
The liar married

To the liar
Who lied in office
But would be our
First woman president
Which is all we care about

Now isn't it
We will make history
Change the way
Little girls think
Give them hope

For tne future
Which is all well and good
Too bad she is
The worst choice

To be a role model let alone a candidate
But hey you want a president
That lies be my guest
Fuck it she's better than Trump
I will give her that
But bear in mind better than him
Still sucks and is just not good enough



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