Society This Is You

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Who am I
Who are you
Who are we
Now tell the truth
Fractured minds
Eyes so blind
Hearts so cold
Souls that to
The highest bidder
Are greedily sold
Surely this 
Cannot be
The society
That is meant
For any body
To call home

Beaten, broken
Cold, and confused
Each other
With hate and fear
While being used
Congratulations  society
This is you

Verse 2

Social issues
Black or white
Life is life
And still we fight 
Attack each other
With words
That cut like a knife
Fighting for rights
In ways that are selfish
On both sides
No matter what side
It's always we matter
But not you
Further dividing
A country 
That has never truly 
Been united
Should be coming
And working together
To make things better
But no we fight and acuse eachother
Out of spite and paranoia
All while wondering 
Why it all just seems
To always get worse
Come on people
We're better than this


Verse 3

Candidates lying
As innocents
Are dying
At the hands 
Of those who
Are trigger happy
And think they are god
Looking for those
In charge
To intervene
And do the right thing
But are left in our anger

Always waiting
As they do nothing
Charges dropped
Against crooked cops
Time and time again
All the while 
The danger they pose

Getting worse and worse

When will we wake up
When will we get it
When will we change
And finally
Do something

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