The Revolution Of A Pissed Off Masses

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
On the minds
Of those who
Are just too fed up
To let it go this time
Burned again
By politics
Across the board
From Bernie
To freddie Gray
And every fucking thing

In between
Youth being told
To vote it's so important
Cast your vote

And be heard
Then corruption
Comes along
Now their candidate
And our countries hope
Is gone
All while for yet another victim
Of vicious cops

Justice has not been done

Can't trust the goverment
Politics are a joke
Can't trust the system
Against it all now
We march and take a stand
We will be heard
Yes you will listen

Lied to 
And targeted
And ignored
The masses

Start to march
Against the bullshit
They will take no longer
With anger in their eyes
And pain in their hearts
Their message becomes

Oh so clear
As they begin to chant

We all matter

And we will be heard

Verse 2
Controlled by fear
And blind hate
Tired of being told
They have to be
This way or that way
Just because it's
What those in charge
And the media say
Not just the youth
But the masses 
Of our fed up society

Show up in droves
To protest what they know

Is wrong and should not be

No longer asleep
Yes awake finally
Society demands answers
For the wrongful deaths
And corruption
Brought to us
By the man
Who has now 
Been put on notice
The revolution

That you fear
Is here
And we came to win


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