Are you Listening God?

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A nation on it's knees
Begging for

Answers why
While praying for peace
From a God who never
Seems to answer
Hello are there god
God if your there pick up
It's us your people

And we could use
Some help

Another day
Another tragedy

Random freaks
With guns
What does it matter
Why should we care
It's , there,
Yes everywhere
But God where are you 

Verse 2
Media and politicains
Selling us
That we fall for
Hook line and sinker

While in this hole
We now call humanity 
We fall deeper and deeper
Into, without a hand
To hold onto
We are alone


Verse 3 
So many churches
Not enough shelters
More than enough phamplets  
While our trees
In our own forrests
Are fading right out 
Of exsistance 

We all bitch about
Fight, hurt, 
And will even 
Kill each other more
And for what

To see who loves

God the most
It makes me sick
This shit has got to end
We can't go one like this
No we can't go on




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