The Sanctity Of Life And Our Right To Live It

The sanctity of life
And the right
For us to live
Ours the way
We see fit
No matter
What our skin color
Sexual preference
Or religion
If you ask me
That right there
Is worth
Fighting for 
Not power
We only think
We need
Or money
Made of paper
That only means

And has value

We say it does
No life'And the sanctity of
Our own rights
To live the life
We choose
And not live in fear

Because of it

Due to people
Who don't
And refuse to
Because you see
If you ask me
Life yes life
That is what has value

The rest is just extra
That only matters
Because we have
Been taught and
To think so
We need to break ourselves
Of this bullshit
And realize for once

That without life
All the rest
Is udderly pointless
Fight for life
Yes life in any form
That is what is worth
Fighting for
Always life

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