A Quick Question For My Bullies

Grew up 
Always being
Treated like

A social disease
Other peoples worth
Drilled into my head
And yet my own
Somehow never seen
Paranoid and confused
Convinced I was crazy
And out of my mind
Forced to take
Every other side
But mine
Instead of being angry

Or veangeful
I just asked
And still ask why 
What did I do
To deserve
All the hate
When all I ever did
Was try to be
A friend to you
Why push me around
And make me hate myself
What so you could feel better
About yourself
You're grown up
And have children of your
Own now
Do you still feel better
When your kid
Starts treating others
Just like you did
Will you still be proud
Was it worth it
Is it worth it now
How does it feel
To know you
Are the one
Now being
Looked down upon 

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