I Will Never Sugar Coat

I am the artist
The poet
That will not hold back
Will not hold my tongue
Will not hesitate
To say
What needs

To be said
Love me or hate me

Don't really give a fuck
I'm still going
To keep it up
Do I piss you off

Do I make you think
Do I make you feel
Things about which
You would rather

Not think
Do I wake you up
When you would rather sleep
Do I shatter your
Precious bubble of lies

That is your reality 
Do I worry you
Do I inspire you
How about
Maybe both
Bottom line folks
I am not here
To sugar coat
If you want happy lies
Look somewhere else
I write truth
And nothing else
Can't take it
Then be a sheep
But if the truth
Is what you seek
Welcome my friend
You have come

To the right place 


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