Free Yourself From Social Prison

Random Favorites

So many ideas 
But not much thought
Behind them
The gears are turning
In their heads
But something is getting
Lost in the process 
A world full of prophecies
With little spirituality
And half brained theories
Not based on
A lick of truth
Yet to follow 
And trust them blindly
Is exactly
What is expected 
Of you
You were one 
Of a kind
The day you were born
But since then society
Has molded you
Into who
They want you to be
And as long as
You live and suffer
In silence
They will continue
To do so
And win
Do yourself a favor
My dear my dear
Break the mold
Think for yourself
And set yourself free
From your social prison
In which you have been
Forced to live and exist
Be the person
You want to be
Be who makes you happy
And the person
You are proud of
And as for the haters
The controllers
And manipulaters
Pay them no mind
And just tell them
To fuck off
And continue 
To do you
Because at 
The end of the day
You are the one

Who has to live
With being who
You are
So make that choice

For yourself
And be proud 
Of who you are
Because as long as
Who you are
Makes you happy

You are beautiful
And no matter what
They do or what they say
Unless you let them
They can never take
That away


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