We Are Here To Shake Things Up


We are 
All around you
Yet are seldom seen
Until that is
When we demand to be
The peace seekers
The ones 
Of which
Dreamers dream
Who make the sheep quiver

And the controllers weep
In a world 
Of media controlled

Brainwashed sheep
We are the ones
Who truly know
How to think
And live freely
While your eyes
Are closed
Ours do see
While your mind
Is blind and knows
Not how to for
Itself think
Ours think freely
And while your heart
And soul are locked away
Without you
Even truly knowing it
We happily learn
As ours do wander
We are the free ones
The rebels
The dreamers
Peace seekers
Black sheep
And artists 
We are here
To shake things up
And wake you up
But don't worry
I promise
It's a good thing 

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