Wake Up Before The Ultimate Fall


Come gather around
All you beautiful people
Take a look now
And see what's going down
We're drowning in sorrow
And sinking in fear
Blinded by hate
We claim is justified
In Gods own name
Killing in vain
Forever playing
The blaming game
Falling for lies
Following propanda
To an insanity

That has me going
Right out of my mind
And yet instead of 
Working together
To fight and make 
Things better
We sit on our couches
And cursing 
Each other 
Never understanding
Why our downfall
Is so never ending
Living each day
Thinking our own minds
We are making
Yet we are so
Fucking brainwashed
By fear and the media
We live so damn blindly 
It's all just so sickening
It drives me crazy
We need to wake up now
And find a way somehow
To turn this all around
Before we all fall
Ultimate victims
Of our global histeria
That has no place here


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