The Revolutionary Mind Of Anika Ann


The revolutionary
Mind of Anika Ann
Always looking out
For her fellow man
Beyond wonder
Why it is
That she seems
To always be
The only one
That does
Holding doors
Like she knows
She should
But no one else
Why is that
She does wonder
Treating others
With the respect
They deserve
Not only focusing
On her
The only one
Around her
Not living 
While others
Look at her
Quite weirdly
Yes this is
The revolutionary mind
And extraordinary life
Of Anika Ann
You can't feel
The pain
Of your
Fellow man
She can
And she sees
Nothing wrong
With that
And you know what
Neither do I
I look up to her
And that mind of hers
The revolutionary
Mind of Anika Ann
And believe me friend
You should too
For she could
Teach us all
A thing or two
Miss Anika Ann 
The girl with
A mind for
The ages

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