Wake Up Or Be Laid To Waste


Society treats 
Each other 
Like shit

No respect 
For anybody
Hell not even
Sitting on our couches 
Night after night
Bitching about 
How no one ever
Does a damn thing

To change anything
Yet never once
Standing up
Or even lifting
A finger to 
Be the person
Who helps others

And makes change happen
Because no one
Thinks they 
Should have to do it

Someone else should
Because we can't even respect

Ourselves or others 
Enough to even fucking try
And be the one
To for once 
Take the initiative
To get shit done
The bitching just gets louder

As the world around us

Gets worse and worse
Society wake up
Please get a clue

The only one

Beating you
Is you

Stand up
Be heard
Say something
Do something
Hell anything

To take your
Planet back
Before it truly is
Too fucking late
And we are 
Just laid to waste



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