Lost In Societies Insanity


Looked dead 
In the eye
But never seen
I retreat
Into the shadows
And fade into
A dream
Of a reality
Clearly not
Meant for me 
Through which
Blindly sleeps
Quietly controlled
Like brain dead puppets
On a string
By the deranged
And insane
Powers that be
That keep isisting
We are free
While selling us
Their ideas
On how we 
Should be
Through manipulation
Fear and lies
All for a greed
That is destroying
Our very own society

Do this, buy that
Believe this
Ignore that
Wear this
Love that
Or live forever
As an outcast
Be yourself
The way we
Tell you to be
Be the best 
You can be
And never forget
To keep spreading
As much as possible
All the hate 
And controversy
You can
Yes keep that 
Shit coming
It's a conformity gold mine
Your doing our
Work for us
And we appreciate it
So go ahead society
Keep all the bullshit coming
And remember
You brought it on yourself
We just capitalized on it
Figured out
How to sell it
And use you with it
Right under your noses
Without a single one of you
Bothering to wake up
Enough to see
You have become
Nothing more than

Your own
Worst enemy
Lost in a sea

Of your own insanity
And it's your own
Fucking fault 




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