You Were The One

You were the one
Who told me the story
Of how I was nothing

And who I should be
Told me that happiness
Was only a dream
Within a dream
A reality 
I did not deserve
While insisting
On me showing 
You the respect
You just expect from me
But refuse to earn
Telling me
That I am the one
Who needs to
Grow up and learn
And only see
The reality
You insist 
Pay no attention
To the man
Behind the curtain
Just listen to me
I'll keep you safe
While selling you fear
And controlling 
You with the
Illusion of 
The freedom
You hold so dear

Stay asleep
And follow please

Like a good little sheep
Living so blindly
Don't open
Your eyes
Or for yourself think
For there is no need
You were the one
Who sold me that story
Keeping me blind
And asleep
For as long 
Can possibly be
I am awake now
Your truth
I finally see
The man behind 
The curtain
Is pathetic
And I will be

A scared little sheep
No longer
I will think 
My own thoughts
And believe in me

Over your bullshit
Your cute little puppet
On a string
I refuse to 
Any longer be
And now you
Are the nothing
Who should be 
Living in worry



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