Insanity Tragedy

Another day 
Another night

Another terror attack
To which we
Barely blink an eye 
Turkey, Orlando,
Somewhere else

Who can even
Keep track any more
Our precious guns
Our rights to them
We must protect
While we stock pile them
Like a country 
Full of crazy people
Used to this by now

You would think
We would have gotten

And you would be right
Yes we have

And that's the problem
We were shocked
Once upon a time
But failed to act
At least when it came
To guns and mental health
And now tragedy strikes
Mass casualties
Once again happen
And all we can think about
Is how can we spin this

So we can keep our guns 
And oh yeah
Let's make sure
To use this
To spread as much hate
To an entire people
And screw them over
As much as possible
For the actions
And fucked up belief's
Of the few
Not the many 
I stand here
Surrounded by
This madness
Wondering if
I am really
The only one
Who fucking sees it
How clueless
And how far gone
Society as a whole

In my lifetime

Has truly become
And scary part is

We still have yet

To actually reach
Rock bottom


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