Corey The Fighter

Corey Taylor
You can't tell me
That man
Aint a fighter
Breaks his neck
Doesn't even know
Has surgery
Just weeks later

Back on stage

Wowing fans
He refused to
By pushing 

The tour back
Any later
My people 
Need me
And this is
What I love to to do
This is my passion, my life

I will do what I must
To make my maggots happy
For on me

They are counting
So look out world
Three, two, one

Here I go
Come hell

Or highwater
Nothing is 
Keeping me

From that stage
It's where I belong
And one way
Or another
I will rock the fuck
Out of every song
Because I'm Corey Taylor

And as long as I have

My maggots
I am right
Where I belong
They are here for me
I am here for them
I will make them happy

I will not disappoint
Because like I said
I am Corey Taylor
And this is what I do


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