My Fellow Dreamers

Can you 
Hear me
Let me know
If I am 
Coming in 
The static

The chaos

Filling my head

Driving me 

Leading me

Once again
To a panic
Created by 
A world of lies
Filled with people 
Demanding an answer

For the question why
When it comes 
To nobody stepping up
To try and 
Make things right
While sitting on our asses
Day after day

Night after night
Wiating for 
Someone else

To do that shit for us
Not understanding

That maybe we should
Get up and do it ourselves
Because why 

Should we be the ones
That have to
It's fucking crazy
And just plain sad
How comepletely
Society is failing
Yet to that truth
We all seem to
Be living

Clueless and blindly

Dreamers my 
Precious dreamers
Who like me
Are living in a world
That makes so 
Little sense
It's maddening
Take comfort 
At least 
In the fact
That the world
Around us
Making no sense
Is a good thing

For we were not
Meant to live 

And to fit in
When it comes
To world 
So destructive
No my friends
We are the ones

Meant to fight for
And fix it
So stand up
Stand proud 

Be heard
And never stop 
Fighting for better

To finally be seen
All it takes is one
To get shit don't
So be that one

And proudly 
My friend
Forever shine one




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