Government Illogic

Government logic
If it's the right

Thing to do
And doesn't
Cost us any
Support or money
Then we'll think
About it
But if it's 
The right
Thing to do
And through
Conflict of interest
It would cost us
Money and support
Greatly needed

To keep us in power
Which you know

Is all we care about
Then we will vote it down
Faster than you can
Ask us why
Then distract you
From it with

Bullshit and lies
Because we're
The government
It's what we do
And we do it well 
We'll bring you hell
And tell you its heaven
While controlling you

And everything
Like puppets
On a string

We don't care

If you hate us
Or if our actions
Hurt you  or

The country
As long as we keep
Doing favors
For the ones
With money
Who back 
And help us

Stay in power
That's all that

Really matters
So hush now
Come on relax
Don't worry about it
No need to fret
It's not like 
You can do anything
About it anyway

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