House Of Lies

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A soldier
Sent to fight
In a war
That should not be
For our rights
Our freedom
And liberty
To fight for a country
That from itself
Needs to be saved
And in a country
That because of us
And terrorists 
Will sadly never be
Maybe Mr. politician
The way I see it
You are the liar
That kills with lies 
The one out of their mind
And now its
Your turn
To go and fight

We sent them off to war
For the lie of the day
We sent them off
To fight for us
And just got 
Numbers back
Now their 
Names and their faces
Fade into the gray
Wake up please
Society the truth
It must be seen

Verse 2
Sent to war
With only lies
As reasons to
Go and fight for
Blinded by
The lie of the day
Sent to die
At the command 
Of those in charge

Who want power
Not peace 
And will lie through

Their teeth
To convince us
That the conflict
Is necesarry
Maybe Mr. Politician
Mr. Powers that be
I am sick of all your lies
Being fed to us
Time after time
And maybe your the liar
Who instead of the poor
Should be the one
To go and die


End Chorus

Welcome to the house of lies
It's the blind
Leading the blind
Welcome to the house of lies
We swear everything is fine
Welcome to the end of days
There is no more liberty
Welcome to the end of days
How can you still 
Call us free 


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