Are You Free Or Someone Elses Sheep

Do you know me

Do I know you

Does it matter

Do I
Do you
Do you even
Know who 
You truly are
Or do you 
Like when you 
Look at me
When looking

In the mirror

Only see
What you have

Been told to see
Who defines you
Whose truth 
Dictates you
Your own

Or a truth
That belongs
To someone else
Tell me something
The music you like

The movies

You say you love
The clothes you wear
Your idea?
Are you sure?
Or does all of that
Depend on what
Others like
And you would rather
Follow the crowd
And conform
Instead of
Follow your heart

And be an individual 
Or are you so lost
That the answer
To that question
Even to you
Is unknown
The voice
In your head
Is it yours

Or someone elses
Does your opinion
Of yourself
Have meaning 
To you
Or do you 
Really need 
The approval of

And permission from
Someone else
Just to love yourself
Are your own
Biggest fan
Or worst enemy
Because of thoughts
And belief's 
Drilled into your head
By others
Is being you
The true you
Even something

You know
How to do
Is your true self
Even something

You know how to be
Do you even know

What it is
To actually be free
Well do you?


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