Society Must Awaken

The world
Is asleep

Society lives

Each day
Drowning in dreams
Refusing to see
The reality
Of the world

Around them

Another chance
To do the right thing

We fail again
And start pointing
Fingers instead
Forever playing

The blaming game

A man stands up
And says
We must
Do something
About this

Yes, together
We must work
To make things better
He's right of course
But society
Just looks at him
Like he's crazy
And goes right on
Playing, blaming,
Fighting, and killing
Forever in a state

Of denial
And dreaming
This, society
This is what
We have let
Ourselves become
Look how far
We have fallen
Are you happy now
Are you proud
Another tragedy happens
Yet common sense
That is nowhere
To be found
And solutions
Once again
Voted down
This is society
In a fucking nutshell
We are all just
Empty shells
Of hatred, denial,
And so much violence
It's pathetic

Wake up society
The time to care
Is here
So wake up
Grow up
Stand up
And do something
About it
Before its too late
And us living in dreams
Turns into too much
Of a nightmare
For us to escape 


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