A Message For Fellow Depression Sufferers

Dear fellow 
I do not
Know your name
Or the nature

Of the game

Your bullies
In life
On you

They do play
But I know

The pain
Deep within
Your soul
For that pain
Is the same

No matter who
Or what
Puts it there
Making it hard as hell
Just to get
Out of bed
Laugh at jokes

You know are funny

Or even give
Your best friend
And or loved ones
Even half a smile
You want to kill the pain
Believe me
I understand
Hurting yourself

Just to try
And stay ahead of it

Yes I've been there
Many times
And have thankfully
The pain can seem
Never ending
But I promise you
Everything is
Only temporary
Yes even the pain
It does get better

You will smile again
And you will be happy

You hung in there
So my fellow 
I beg of you
Look beyond 
What is now
And try to see

More of the
Bigger picture
For that picture
Is beautiful
And it is waiting for you
Please don't give up
Whatever you do
Just never give up

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