My Lonely Street


Walking down
A lonely street
Not sure 
Where I'm going
But hoping 
That on the way
Its me I will get

To finally meet
Twists and turns 
Watching people

Enjoy power
They never
Truly earn
While being
Fed lies
From the
Willfully blind
Trying to entice me
To come and be

On their side
Trying to pursuade me
To abandon my path
Just to join theirs
And be forever lost

In a mix
Of conformity

And insanity

That is clearly

Not meant
For me
Head strong

And stubborn
I look ahead
And keep going
For no one
Controls me
But me

I continue down
My lonely street
The one meant

Just for me
And in the end
I come to a mirror
And I smile
For I finally realize
It was not me

I was looking for
But my purpose
Which I have found
Through every
Twist and turn
Every trial and test
Just to end up here

Smiling back at myself

And a life well lived
Yes I was me 
All long

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