Life's Game (Is It Too Late)

Life is a game
We are forced to play
One for which
No one truly

Knows the rules
For they do change daily
So much so
That it all just
Drives me crazy
A society of sheep
And lost souls
Wandering aimlessly
Going only where

They are told to go
Hoping they are
Going the right way
But for sure
No one can say
Day after day
Being who 
We are told to be
While our faces
In the mirror
To us grow
Inctreasingly stranger

Until we don't
Even know
Who we are anymore
Trying to make a name
For ourself
With out really 
Knowing us ourselves
Too blind to see
How far we have
Already fallen
This hole

This rut
We are all in
We keep digging

Not even realizing

We have already
Hit rock bottom
Hoping someday
For much needed change
When it may
Already for us
Be too damn late
And through
Our hate and

We may have

Already sealed

Our fate


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