Mob Mentality

Random Favorites

So many opinions

So little intelligence
Gotta hand it to

The power of the masses
Mob mentality
Will suck 
The intelligence

Right out of 
Any and everybody
Which if you ask
The powers that be

Is the point really 
Control enough people

With hate and fear

And watch that shit
Spread everywhere
Believing every
Little thing

We hear
Just because

Everyone else does
And we swear
That many people
Can't be wrong

Can they
It's all madness
And we do know it

But would rather
Go with the masses

Than be the one
Who stands up to them
We fear the backlash
We crave to fit in
So right or wrong

We take the 
Easy way out

And just go with it
While having the nerve

To still bitch
About where
The state of things
Is going

Knowing full well
We not only let it

But we made it happen
By being sheep
And cowards
Unwilling to

Risk anything
Just to try
And make things right
It's sad
It's sick
It's wrong

And honestly

The whole fucking thing
Just boggles my mind 


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