Welcome To The War Of Lies

Welcome to the war
You have been sent

To risk your life for

Can any of you tell me

At all what it is
That we are
Here fighting for
Does any one
Even remember

What was the

Lie of the day
That sent you packing

And on your way
Lies sold to the public
In a never ending

Fear filled package
To justify a war
Started for
Political gain

And has no
End game
Welcome to
The game 

Those in charge

Love to play
You are the pawns 
Of the day
Die here
Become a statistic
Of a battle

That should
Never have happened
Make it home

And they will welcome you

With open arms
Love you for all
Of 20 minutes

Then throw you away
And turn their backs

On the help they
Promised you
Welcome to
Our government
The one that
Only pretends to care
Quick to send you
Straight into danger
And quick to 
Find every excuse 
To deny you

The help 
They promised you

Congrats America
This is us
And we wonder
Why we seem 
So fucking screwed


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