Disconnected Society


And full of shit

I swear society

Your just fucking

Full of it

Claiming to care
Living in so many lies
I just can't bear it 
Someone speaks up
And tells the truth

You don't want

To hear it
So you fight 
And do what
You can
To discredit them
While through

The lies

Behind evil eyes
Making the masses
Believe it
And join your

Fight against them
Taking them down
And any hope
For a better tomorrow

Down right along them
While laughing
At the rest of us
Fighting blindly

About why

In our own hell
On earth

We are forever burning
So much information
At our finger tips
But so disconnected
We can't see
The truth 

Behind the lies
To each other

We continue
To feed
Day after day
And yet daily

We continue
To insist
We know everything
And refuse to learn
From anyone

And anything anymore
So full of ourselves
It's pathetic
We are stuck
In a rut
And can't get out
And worst of all
We can't even admit

To ourselves

That the only ones
To blame for it
Is ourselves
We're full of it society
And if you ask me
I think it's about time

We grew the fuck up


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