Stop Worrying And Be Yourself

So much time wasted
Worrying about 

What other people
Think of us
Losing ourselves
In the process
But too numb
To notice
Trying to
Be presentable
And live up

The standards
Of those
Who about us
Don't even
Really care
Is it any wonder
We don't seem
To have any time

For ouselves anymore
So many selfies

Not enough

Sense of self
We put ourselves
Through hell
All for
From those 
Not even worthy
Of knowing 
Our names
We think we need
It's their game

We are playing
Falling farther
Day after day
Never even asking why
So content

With living

In a lie
As the life
You should be 
Living just

Passes you by
As we just keep
Dying inside
In our own damn selves
We need to learn to
Take pride
And stop
Wasting time
Fighting for love
From those 
Who only wish
To control us
And learn to
Love ourselves instead
Because the only 
Approval we need
From anyone
Is from ourselves

No one else
And it about time

We let ourselves 
Have it
And be done
With this bullshit
Because it does

Us no good
And we shouldn't 
Focus so much on it

No one should
Think about it


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