Rise, yes rise I say

To you 
Wasting away
In a life 
Not even worth

Calling one
Working for the man
That never appreciates you
For self centered shits
Who get off

And abusing you
Rise up

And take your life back
Remember what 

It means to live again
Rise and take that risk
You were told 
To never take
Because you 
Should be working

This shit instead
Rise and fight 
For the dreams 
Inside of you
That refuse to die
Set them free
And your soul
That has been
Locked up
Fair too long

Finally take flight
Yes rise 
And get yourself free
From the horrors 
Of conformity

And mediocrity

While you still

Have a life to live

You there being bullied
Pushed around
And beaten down
Just for being

Rise I say to 
You as well
Rise above this hell
You don't deserve
So don't take it

Rise up
Stand up
Speak up
Find your voice
And use it

You were meant

For better
Than this
Don't you
Forget it
Don't let them win
It's your life
It's your freedom
Your choice
Who to be
Rise above their shit
And despite their
Threats and lies
Make the life

They can no longer
Keep you from
A glorious one
Never give up
Rise up



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