Work For A Better Tomorrow

Out with the old

And in with the new
It seems to me

That society
Could use 
A different

Point of view
No blinders
Or hate filled hearts
Just open eyes
Open minds
And souls finally

Free enough to fly 
Brothers and sisters
Being there
For each other
Picking each other up
Instead of
Beating each other down
Realizing for once
We are all in this

And that living
In all this
Hate and fear
Just isn't working
And with a new
Game plan
Must be going

If we are to save
At all, our own humanity
Out with the old

And in with the new
It's about time
We got a clue
We must change

The hate that we live
And the bullshit

That we do

Or else we're screwed
And we know it too
So enough
With the excuses
We all have been
Known to use
Why should I care
Why is it my problem
Why should I have
To do it
We need to get
Over ourselves
And start working
For a better tomorrow
While it's still
Not too late
To see one

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