Fuck The System

Fuck the system
And watch it bleed
As it takes
All it can
From those in need
Never giving a fuck

About its fellow man
It does what it does

Just because
It fucking can
Hell with a plan
Backed by power
It knows

It should not have

The system
Looks at us

Sits back

And laughs
Counts its money
Hundred dollar bills
In stacks

By the dozen
Taking the whole
Damn world
For granted
Without a care
For anyone
But Themselves
Yes fuck the system
And all it stands for
The corruption
The lies
That lead to the death
Of far too many
Without us asking why
And them even caring

Who lives or dies
Controlling everything

On the fucking planet

Including all of those
Who live on it
They deem below them
In other words
99% of the population
With money

They steal from us
And religion
Neither of which
At the end of the day
Are even real
Lies to cover lies
Crimes to cover
Up even more crimes
All before
Our very eyes
To which we
Are too blind
To see, admit,
Or accept
Is even happening

Living in our
Little bubbles

Of a system
Fucking society
We believe
What we are told
Question nothing

And fall victim
To everything
Yes fuck the system
And the horse
It rode in on
Seriously society
Get a clue
The system
You think
You are using

Is using
And owning you
Wake up society
Fuck the system

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