Is the root
Of all evil
Don't believe me

Think about it
Historically speaking
For what have more
People killed and died for
We hate in the name

Of a God
That wouldn't

Want things
To be this way
Twisting the words
Of holy books
To fit our own agendas
Based on our own
Greedy fucked up feelings
Of hate and insecurity
Passed down
From generation
To generation
In the name of a God
We don't even realize
That through

Our own shit

Has lost all meaning
Someone figures it out
Calls you on it
You react with the
Same hate
That kills in
His name
And the cycle starts
All over again
The shit we serve
Is the shit
We deserve
The hell we live in
Is the hell we earned
While using lies
And the threat of hell
To keep innocent people down
Not realizing
That any eternal hell
There may or not be
Couldn't possibly
Compare at this point

To the one
We have already
Brought on ourselves
And blindly live in
And all for what

That's right

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