The Hell Ride Of Life

Random Favorites

Strike a match
Set the world

On fire
Hold on tight

And don't let go
It's gonna be
One hell of a ride
Hatred and anger
Taught and passed down
Generation to generation
With no real rationalization
And yet you still
Have the gall
To ask what
The fuck happened
When it comes

To the hell
Into which we
Have fallen
Stupidity and greed
At this point
Being best

Fucking friends
With benefits
Bringing us
On a down spiral
Long time coming
And could have
Been avoided
The fake
Being the only
Ones taken seriously
And forever

Winning the day
While the genuine
Not made of

Nothing but lies
Get ridiculed
And are made to pay
By the current favorite

Of the fake
The worlds
Flavor of the day
Children dying
In countries
Of war
By way of
The bombings
And insanity

That just won't stop
Because of an evil
That just won't
Go away
Troops being sent

To their deaths

For the lie
Of the day
And a sham
Of a war
That has created
It's own
Need for
We can't take it

But thanks
To our actions

Walking a way
Is no longer an option
As we struggle daily
Just to keep
From fading away
And drowning in
Our own insanity
From which
We can never seem
To ever get away
So strike that match
Hold on tight
And enjoy the ride
Can you make it

Through it

Without losing you
Or feeling dead inside?

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