Choose Your Devil, Choose Your Poison

Welcome to 

The cluster fuck
Of idiocy
That has become
Our society 
Trump may
Actually become 
Funny thing is
We all thought 
He was joke
Until the

Joke went too far
And we started to
Realize how screwed
We are this close

To becoming
Are you laughing now
Trump or Hilary

Tell me society
Which evil
Will it be
The fuck in
Column A
Or the bitch
In column B
One will bring
Us change in the form
Of a hell we
Won't survive
And the other
Will keep
The fucking same
Either way
The things in the
Day to day

That needs fixing
Will still be
And made worse
As always
But hey society
Fuck it
Makes you happy
So choose your poison
What will it be
A quick and
Unmerciful death
By way of the one
Who will do nothing

But destroy
Or a death by way
Of everything
Getting steadily worse
By way of staying
The fucking same

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