What Would You Say To God Today

If God appeared
And showed himself
To a society
That claims
To live for him
Tell me society
Would you believe it
Would you believe him

Even when
He claims
Not to be
About all the hate
You spread
In his name
Or would you
Call even him
The devil
In sheep's clothing
And insist
That your
Twisted versions

Of his so called words
Were the truth
Tell me folks
Please just humor me
What would you do
If God was alive
And showed himself
Before our very eyes

Speaking truth
You don't want to hear
Because it doesn't fit
Your agenda
Calls you out
For liar you are
And say he is ashamed
Of what you have done


In his name
Would you bow to him
Would you listen
Or would you kill him too
Just like those
Who have died
Because of
People like you
Victims of a power play
Done as you say
In his name

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