Assuming The Worst (Societies Free Fall)

In a world 
So damn full
Of negativity
It's killing me

Is it any wonder
My dear society
That negativity
Is all we seem to see
We expect the worst
Of each other
Before we even bother
To know each others names
Force upon those
Who are different
The labels we

Insist are true
And with them
Spread lies
All without

Even for a second
Getting to know you 
I mean hell we would

But fuck we don't care
If its fair to us
It's fair to you
Even when we

Know it's not 
But hell
That is society
Today folks
What is mine

Is mine

What is yours
Is mine

And you are mine

Think lime me
Or hell you will see
Never mind the hell
That because of me
You are already living
Entitle and spoiled
We want the word
And are never

Willing to work for it
Yet we are all to quick
To blame our inaction
On others
While only claiming

To give a damn
About an issue
A situation
Violent and greedy
Selfish and needy
And we still can't
Seem to figure out

Why society is always
In such a fucking free fall

Wake up people!!


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