Societies Priorities

A gorilla dies
Because of a
Mother being
And the country
Loses its shit
Dying trying
To flee a country
Of violence
And dead

Being pulled
From the water
After their boat
To freedom
And millions
Of children
Lying dead
In the streets
Of war torn countries
And no one bats
A fucking eye
Or questions
More and more
Troops being sent
To fight
In a war

That should have

Never happened
In the first place
Troops die
We cry
Then continue
To defend
The bushit war
That killed them
They don't die
They come back

We love them
For all of 20 minutes
Then forget them
And for far too many
Deny them the help
They were promised
When they left
To fight for us
There are veterans
Living and dying

On the street
Yet we don't

Blink an eye
But god forbid 
A transgender person
Tries to use
The bathroom 
Of the gender 
They identify as
Then once again
We lose our shit
Our priorities
Have gotten
Pretty pathetic
And I for one
Am sick of it

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